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Car Diagnostics in Swindon on a Full Mobile Basis

Just because you’re thinking about using a mobile mechanic for car diagnostics or an aircon regas at your Swindon home or workplace, it doesn’t mean you should expect a compromise in the standards of service you receive. We have a small team of fully qualified technicians, all of whom have experience in working at dealership or independent workshops.


To a degree, car diagnostics and an aircon regas go hand-in-hand. Garages in Swindon need to invest into modern automotive technology to perform car diagnostics. At Dynamic Autocare, we do the same thing. Our mobile units are equipped with the latest engine management equipment and today’s most innovative aircon regas systems.


Vehicle owners in Swindon and Wiltshire with a more modern model may already recognise the importance of car diagnostics, particularly if they’ve had to deal with dashboard warning lights in the past. To retrieve stored fault codes in the vehicle’s ECU, code reading machinery is used. The results are referenced by our technicians to identify sub-system faults.



Aircon Regas Services in Swindon and Wiltshire


Car diagnostics are an integral mobile solution and a significant part of the many services we provide for motorists in and around the Swindon area. An aircon regas has many similarities to car diagnostics, particularly when it comes to making investment into the right tooling and equipment. This is an area where we never fail to use anything but the best.


An accurate diagnosis of your heating and cooling system gives us a clearer indication of what might be wrong so, instead of opting for an aircon regas that might not resolve climate issues, we provide our Swindon customers with a full air conditioning check. This can be particularly important if you’ve been experiencing headaches or nausea when driving.


Air conditioning systems, particularly if they aren’t serviced regularly, breed allergens and pathogens that are harmful to health. Prior to providing our aircon regas services, we’ll provide an accurate diagnosis so that road users in Swindon get the service they actually need. This is why an aircon regas ties in so closely with car diagnostics.


For car diagnostics or an aircon regas at your Swindon home or workplace, call Dynamic Autocare now on  07780 441722.


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