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If you’ve a question for the team at Dynamic Autocare, the Swindon area’s local mobile mechanic, you’re in the right place! On this page, we’ve looked to answer a few of the most common questions we receive regarding our car repair, car diagnostics, car service and aircon regas offerings, as well as our capacity as mobile tyre fitters. But if you have a question that isn’t answered below, don’t fret. Just give us a call on 01793 821 717 or 07780 441 722 and we’ll be more than happy to answer your query, whether it’s in regards to tyres and tyre fitting, or something entirely different!


Dynamic Autocare – Swindon FAQ


Why should I make sure to invest in a car service regularly?


A regular car service can significantly improve your fuel economy, saving you money at the pumps. More importantly, it will help identify any emerging problems with your vehicle, so they can be swiftly dealt with before becoming major issues. This ensures you stay safe on the road. Other reasons we recommend our Swindon clients invest in a regular car service is that they’ll help keep your vehicle performing optimally for longer, ensuring it lasts a long time and maintains its value. So if you ever come to the point where you want to sell it and “upgrade”, you’ll get a tidy sum toward your new purchase!


How often do I need new tyres fitted?


While you’re only legally obligated to replace your vehicle’s tyres when their tread depth falls below 1.6mm, most manufacturers recommend going ahead with new tyre fitting around the 3mm mark. This is because when your tyres’ tread depth falls below this mark, the distance it takes for you to stop in an emergency situation, or in inclement weather conditions, drastically extends.

Other reasons to call in our mobile tyre fitters include if your tyres are showing signs of uneven tread depth, if you’ve notice signed of structural damage to parts of your tyres, or most obviously, if you’ve suffered a puncture.


While you might think of a mobile mechanic as an “emergency” tyre fitting solution, we’re a great choice over traditional Swindon garages in less urgent times too. It’s our goal to the take time and effort out of a tyre change by serving you as mobile tyre fitters whatever your circumstance! We’ll be able to ascertain what kind of tyres you require over the phone and bring them right to your doorstep for speedy tyre fitting.


What’s involved in an aircon regas and why is it important?


An aircon regas machine is connected to your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Firstly it will empty it of all the gas currently in the car, before going into a vacuum cycle. This will determine if there are any leaks in the system, while also ridding it of any moisture/impurities that it may have accumulated. Finally, fresh gas and oil will be injected into the system.


That brings us on to the second part of the question. Well, each year around 5% to 10% of your aircon gas will be lost, meaning your system’s performance will gradually degrade. By investing in an aircon regas every 2-3 years, which takes just under an hour and is a very cheap form of car service / car repair, you can ensure your aircon keeps you cool in the hot summer months, and toasty in those cold Swindon winters. On top of that, an aircon regas will clear your system of any harmful allergens and bacteria that might be calling your vehicle home!


How do you go about performing car diagnostics?


We use car diagnostics tools that read your Engine Control Unit (ECU), relaying stored fault codes that tell us exactly what’s gone wrong with your vehicle and what form of car repair might be required. This modern form of car diagnostics, when combined with the hands on experience we’ve accumulated over the years serving as the Swindon area’s local, trusted mobile mechanic, means we can quickly get to the bottom of any automotive issue – even the most rare and perplexing!


What kind of car repair do you most commonly carry out?


Some of the most common car repair jobs we find ourselves carrying out around Swindon are brake, clutch and dead battery replacement. However, cars are complex creatures and all manner of things can go wrong with them. Being as versatile as we are, we’ll be able to perform fast and efficient car diagnostics on the spot, before recommending a course of action. Nine times out of ten, we’ll be able to perform the right car repair with the tools we’ve brought with us!


Do you purely cover the Swindon area?


No! We serve as Wiltshire’s local mobile mechanic, and travel all throughout the county during the course of an average day. Some of the areas in which we’re especially active in include Wroughton, Highworth, Royal Wootton Bassett and Blunsdon. However, our team is Swindon based and well-known locally as the mobile mechanic of choice, whatever form of car repair or car service might be required!


Have a different question for our team of mobile car repair and car service experts in Swindon? Call 01793 821 717 or 07780 441 722 today!


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